Flashcard – WordPress plugin

Built upon Zachary Johnson’s jQuery plugin rotate3Di, Flashcard is a simple WordPress plugin that enables your website to display animated flashcards like below.

  • 文化
  • 你怎么样?
    What about you?
  • 我很好。
    I’m fine
  • 谢谢
    Thank you
  • 一会儿
    Just a moment
  • 饭店
    n. restaurant
  • 你好
  • 你好吗?
    How are you?
  • 大学
    n. university
  • 海滩
    n. beach


Flashcard plugin loads content from a tab-delimited UTF-8 text file in media library. See an example here. File can be created from a text editing application such as EditPlus or generated from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. By default, the first column contains the contents to display on the front side of flashcard, and the second column is for the other side. IMPORTANT – if your file contains multi-byte characters and you are using Excel to generate a Unicode text file, the exported file must be then converted into UTF-8 format using a text editing application such as EditPlus.


Shortcode is used in order to insert flashcards to your web page. The following is two shortcode examples to embed flashcards in your posts or pages.
[flashcard source=""]
[flashcard source="" order="random" max=10 show="back"]
The source is the only required parameter for the shortcode, everything else is optional. By default, the order will be the same as in text file, all records will be displayed, and content in the first row will be shown on the front side of the card.

  • source: the location of tab-delimited UTF-8 file
  • order: the display order of the flashcards. Can use “random” or “reverse“, otherwise the flashcards will be displayed in its creation order in text file.
  • max: the maximum number of cards to be displayed if the total number of records exceeds this number.
  • show: if specified as “back“, content in the second row in text file will be shown on the front side of the card.


screenshot-2It’s easy to customize the appearance of Flashcard. The following parameters can be set in the Flashcard settings within WordPress:

  • Width and height of the flashcard
  • Background color, text color and font size for the front side of the card
  • Background color, text color and font size for the back side of the card

Try the Flashcard WordPress Plugin!

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